Driving- the new proposed fine on the motorway!

ImageLiving in England the main roads of transport across the country is the motorway! Imagine the lanes are numbered 1,2,3 going left to right. Lane number 1 is the ‘keep to the left’ lane where you should remain unless you are overtaking. Number 2 lane is where you over take traffic going slower in lane 1 as well as being used to allow new cars merging onto the motorway from slip roads and can be used by cars towing things and lorries, lane 3 is only allowed to be used by cars and is called the ‘fast lane’ that can be used for over taking lanes 1 and 2.

The government has, in the past few days, proposed a new fine for middle lane (lane 2) hoggers. These are the people who basically never move from the middle lane. Due to this they can cause more problems than those who are going slower in the 1st lane. This is because it is illegal to undertake a car on the motorway and the cars cause a serious risk. I normally think that there are too many fines in place for motorists- do not even get me started on why people can’t use a phone but can smoke! I believe that this is an extremely good idea that should be fined as I believe it will help to lower accidents on the motorway. 

The reason that people do this wrong however is that they lack proper guidance on what is the correct protocol on a motorway. I know this as I have only been passed for 5 years,  and my dad taught me well and I have frequently commuted on a motorway. On the other hand I have friends who are predominately drivers in the city and sometimes their motorway driving is scary, I obviously then become a passenger driver! But the issue here is that people such as my friends should be given adequate lessons within their driving lessons which people pay a small fortune for!

Does anyone else think it is a good idea or does someone else believe something else should be done?  


2 thoughts on “Driving- the new proposed fine on the motorway!

  1. In the USA, I know of no such law. There are laws specifically for going slower than vehicles in the next outer lane (left in UK, right in USA). It’s rarely enforced because there is also a law against going faster than the vehicle in the next inner lane (which does not apply to the vehicles in the inner most lane). As most drivers go over the speed limit in all the lanes, anyway, it’s hard to make a court case, as a driver can argue “I was already slipping past the speed limit and trying to slow down, and this speedster overtakes me on the right” (right is outer in the USA).

    In city traffic, where everyone is usually stuck at the same speed and all lanes are stuffed full, where there are 3 or more lanes, people do tend to prefer the ones that are not extreme right or left because that gives twice the opportunity to change lanes to avoid a collision. Many city highways do not have a pulloff lane just because there is so much traffic demand. And where there are pulloff lanes, diverting there because a driver slams on their brakes is also dangerous. I saw a police vehicle in the pulloff lane hit at medium speed once in a case like that (4 people went to hospital).

    I’m not convinced that staying out of the middle lane(s) is actually the safest, at least in all situations. Where traffic is not dense, the middle lane might well be more dangerous. But over here we just don’t build the extra lane where traffic is not dense (something about not wanting to spend more tax money).

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