Reality T.V, is it reality?

For my post today I want to offer my view on the idea of reality T.V programmes and are they real?  Turn on the television around 10 at night and I am certain you will definitely find a pragramme that has something to do with reality or a version of it! Personally I have one guilty pleasure which is Keeping up With the Kardashians, I think the reason I like it is that the people are unknowingly funny with their ways, as they are so ‘over the top’ about everything. I bet they could make a big deal out of a cheese sandwich!

Looking though papers during the week or through magazines there are people who have became apart of the tabloids due to programmes such as TOWIE, Geordie Shore and Jersey Shore! The people have done nothing that is actually worth while and the majority of the people are thick, or they act that way to gain views. They are making money by just being rich, on the whole they are not good examples to the people who are watching them. They have money to be able to waste and then people want to be like them so they go out and attempt to spend similar amounts of money to them. Is this really a good example to set? and it it right that for just acting in ‘scripted reality’ they are making a fortune?

The term scripted reality itself suggests the ironic sense of all the programmes. The worst programme, which I admit i do watch sometimes, is 16 and pregnant and Teen Mom. The fact that there is numerous seasons and the amount of money that the people are making is in a way promoting teen pregnancy- but can you name a couple who have made it through?

For now the path is scripted reality before this it was programmes like big brother that was big, what is going to be next? the lives of ‘ordinary people’?




5 thoughts on “Reality T.V, is it reality?

  1. hahahahahahaha! I bet you they could make a big deal on a cheese sandwich!hahahahahahahaha! Ha! Nobody is ordinary…but different in every way…BUT….some teens WANT to be like those ridiculous girls who get pregnant for money…or those people who bake themselves in the sun for like 10 hours. If we don’t stop these RIDICULOUS “reality” shows….this ‘lifestyle’ will become our ‘normal’ lifestyle.

  2. Before I give my honest opinion about reality shows I will admit that I am also guilty of watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians along with some others. Now, I love the title you have given this entry and my answer is–no, reality tv is not necessarily reality. In reality, can cameras follow us all around and we become millionaires? No. Is some of what they do just for the cameras? A LOT of what they do is for the cameras. After all, they’re making their money by what they’re doing in front of that camera to interest the watching eyes. In reality, they’re really just people. I enjoyed reading your blog post!

  3. Could it be argued that we’re ALL living some form of ‘reality/scripted’ tv with CCTV and traffic intersection cameras tracking our every move? Sort of like The Truman Show.

    16 and Pregnant is definitely a guilty pleasure, too, as is 1,000 Ways to Die.

  4. Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 are my guilty pleasure too. I keep telling myself to turn the channel, but it always pulls me back in. One of these days I will give it up, maybe.

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