The Vow

I had been eagerly a waiting the arrival for this DVD! For some reason the cinema in my small city decided not to play it, I was devastated. I hoped that because I had been looking forward to it so much that I would not be disappointed (everyone has that feeling where they look forward so much it ends up becoming no where near as good).

I was not disappointed though! My boyfriend was not too keen though! definitely a chick-flick! Channing Tantum was good as normal- he suits these kind of roles- like Dear John. The film had a predictable ending but something I extremely liked was there was a slight twist, something which I had not expected. It was only something small but I liked that!

The story is based on true events and played extremely well- I would just liked to have seen more- it was only one hour forty minutes and I think an extra ten minutes to just show more ‘dates’. It would have been a nice circle if it ended up with a second wedding.


4 thoughts on “The Vow

  1. Chick flicks can be fun! Especially when enjoyed during a girls’ night in with friends, something our main character Nia would do on the weekends! Find out more about how her drama unfolds in the novel Cameo by checking out #CameoNia

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