September, weather and DOOMSAYYY?

So, I’m not one to go on about climate change and ‘all of that’ as my Grandad would say but the weather has gotten more dramatic and fluctuation over the more recent years. This year in particularly, yesterday it started quiet cold, with the condensation on the cars,  i would bet there had been a small layering of frost at some time in the early morning. Then on the afternoon it was so muggy: hot humid and unsunny, fast forward to today and yup its now a little sunny with some serious wind which is of course accompanied by cold! There was possibly about 3 weeks of nice weather here and the rest of it has been shocking, buy October there will be snow at this rate! 

What is the reason for all of this change? it is as if the moths have all moved forward, is this to do with the carbon foot print or would it have happened naturally anyway? the ice age happened without it, maybe it is just time for that something different.

On the subject of something different, my sister and I were alone in the house the other day when an elderly couple ( one in a wheelchair) knocked in the door. So of course you have to answer after you have watched the old woman pushing with some difficulty the man up the drives on the streets, I should also mention that all the drives have a slight incline on them ( great for the roller blades when you were younger!), anyhow I’m getting majorly off subject of who the people were, They were coming to tell us about Doomsday coming in December and how to prepare ourselves with a flyer on that and Jehovah Witnesses. 

Personally, I don’t believe in anything to do with Doomsday, and when my mam was in Mexico the people were telling that that when the calender was created they saw up to 2012, this does not mean that the world as we know it ends now, it means that the future from then begins in a new calender. What do you think? Doomsday is coming or not?

Is it right that these people come to the door? other religions and views don’t do this, so why must they?