December, Already?

Its been a few months since my last post, I just do not know where the time goes! 

To recap for the past month, I have had to suffer my boyfriend doing Movember. I am all for the cause of promoting awareness of men’s health however, the caterpillar that took up residency on his lip was not something I liked or ever wish to see again. 

I finally managed to purchase my own car, a really cute little Nissan Micra. Its red, not the colour I originally wanted but now I have my little ‘Mags’ I would not want her to be any other colour. 

I have managed to go to a couple of parties and bought one of my best friends a star in the sky! The sentimental meaning behind that is something I hope she treasures forever, the look on her face was totally priceless! 

The weather here as taken a turn to being really cold! The car has needed to be defrosted every day this week, but that is better than rain! The major negative is that I was working in such a small shop all week that the door had to be constantly left open! On a night time, sat  in front of our long burning stove, I remained freezing! Oh, and in the cold I get a red nose, I look something like Rudolf, maybe this helps with the christmas spirit? But on the positive this cold weather does mean hot chocolates and wrapping up warm, with cute hats, boots, gloves, scarfs and coats!

Off to do some more Christmas shopping! So far I have been the absolute boss of presents for my boyfriend and parents! Just need to do the same for my sister, but what to buy her is difficult! Especially after the 18th present I got her earlier in the year!