With the amount of jobs i have applied for and the few interviews that I have had I feel like this should be stamped on my forehead!

The other day however I had an interview and I actually came out feeling like it had gone really well. Even if when I hear back I haven’t gotten the job, I am happy with the amount of effort I put in.

From this I have gotten some tips on how to hopefully help others!

1. Even if you are a bag of nerves try to eat a little something! Honestly it will make you feel better!

2. Read up about the job before you actually get to the interview- and the company! (I learned the hard way and when I went for an interview I had missed part of the specification where you did a degree whilst working, they wanted you to work atleast 50 hours a week! and I already have a degree!)

3. Take deep breaths and try to feel comfortable- remember to SMILE! when you meet people, talk to them before try to make sure that you are positive! 

4. Be yourself, there is no point in trying to be someone you are not because they will find out!

5. Big yourself up! You are good enough for this job! You have experience in things you might not even realise- think of examples before you go!

6. Enjoy the time, they are all experiences!



Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday

Fire! Lazy Sunday watching some cheesy girly films with my mam and the dog. Lay infront of the fire totally relaxing before another week of work begins! The snow is even, albeit lightly, falling outside! A costa or starbucks would just make for a perfect scene!

LIfe 2007-2009 and my life

So for Christmas I got the two box sets of ‘Life’ starring Damien Lewis. I have to say that it is a fantastic box set. I can understand how it only lasted a couple of seasons as it would be bound to drag too far if there was much more! I look forward to seeing how it concludes. 

So its been around 6 months since i graduated and I feel  like I need something else in my life now! Working in a bakery shop is not what I expected for my self. I have an interview at hadrians wall, if anyone knows what that is! Hoping for the best 🙂