The Holiday(‘s) are booked!

So this summer, I have splurged out on myself and am going on two summer holidays! One with my boyfriend to Tenerife and the other to Zante with my girls! One in July and one in August! the best time for an easy burning red head to go!

However amid the holiday joys I have now started the panic of needing the perfect bikini body (which is never going to happen in such a short amount of time!) so the gym has started and so has the healthy eating! 

Lets see if in a week I have managed to stick to it!Image


Where is the sunshine?

Where is the sunshine?

Missing out on that spring feeling, its windy, cold and totally not feeling like the begining of winter and working a hell’a lot of hours this week- so tonight encorporates a much needed Dawson’s Creek session to just make everything seem that much better!

Afternoon off, Private Practice marathon

So the weather is cold, is April so hey where is that sun shine and warm breeze? I want to get my flip flops out! 

So in my depression at the cold weather, albheit it is a bit sunny but not anywhere near even 10 degrees so I am catching up on the second last season of Private Practice, I know the ending but whyyy do they build up all these seasons of Adi-sam? 

Maybe I’ll feel different when I’ve seen more of Jake and her together but for now, I just can’t see past it.