Eurovision: song contest or is it all political.

Last night was the annual eurovision song contest and I can honestly say that it was one of the most boring programmes ever. It was such a waste of money. It did not matter who was the best singer you were not in with a chance. The eastern block just voted for themselves and scandanavia for themselves. Therefore the other countries might have well not bothered being in the contest. You could make a guess at which country each on was going to vote for dependent upon who their neighboring countries were. The most political affluence and wealthy did not even make any difference, it was just an inevitable result that it is going to be other on of those countries winning. With there being so many countries in financial difficulty the money could be much better spent. 


One thought on “Eurovision: song contest or is it all political.

  1. Of course it is political. At least Germany couldn’t vote for their fellow German speakers this year, cos neither Austria nor Switzerland were in it 😉

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