A while ago I made these beauties! A cupcake and a cookie!
They were so delicious!
To make them:

For the Buns:
100g Marg
100g Sugar
100g Self raising flour
2 eggs
and a drop of vanilla essence

Pre heat the oven to 150 degrees on an electric fan oven! All I do is cream together the marge and sugar and then beat in the eggs with a splash of vanilla. After this you fold in the flour.
Put the cases into a bun tin, I normally get 12 cupcakes out of it.
They should take about 20 mins, but check on them!

Once they are cooled you can apply the Icing!
First I cut out a smiley mouth onto the top of each bun!

Next I make the icing or you can do this while it’s in the oven! To make the icing I never use measurements I always just go by what looks right (Normally I have some left)
So to make the icing I put some marg in a bowl with a splash of milk, vanilla and blue colouring. Then I add in the icing sugar til its the right consistancy for spreading on a cake! (for a non baker i’m sorry if this isn’t useful!)

Then put the icing onto the bun, make sure you remember which side you cut the mouth out of and (I bought a pack of maryland choc chip cookies and cut them in half) then place your half cookie into the mouth section.

then put the eyes on (you can also make these while the buns are cooking!) For the eyes i rolled some fondant icing into circles and used a black cake pen to create the eye hole! once the icing is on and the cookie is in place the eyes on.

Then start on the next cupcake….it works best doing the combination all at once rather than all the mouths then all eyes because the icing hasn’t set on the bun when you do do them individually therefore everything sticks better!


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