So Confused.

The Missing Malaysian Flight.

I think its horrible that the plane is missing and I seriously hope that all the people are okay. The thing I find hard to comprehend is that in this day and age where everything is done on line and they can get a space craft over to somewhere like mars, yet a plane can vanish into thin air . 

It’s like something out of a tv show, such as Lost. It’s scary to think how much else we don’t know or how much things are able to be hidden if people so wish too.

If someone has played around with items on the plane to make it undetectable, they are seriously going down in history because they have managed to fool so many countries with what’s happened. 

The whole thing is bizzare and as I said earlier, I just hope that everyone is okay!




For lent, or tbh in my reasoning to see if I can actually not eat chocolate for 40 days (actually lent lies and its 46!!) I have managed 7 days so far. I am actually managing okay for now. Its hot chocolates that I am missing!
I also have given up bread to see if that has an effect on my weight!

Fingers Crossed!!

Amazon, I’m Confused

I have been a member of  amazon and love film for a while now but these new changes to love film are, in my opinion, not for the better. 

Amazon does not seem to answer questions well to what the changes really mean. Amazon were very clever to begin with by stopping free delivery on orders over £10; I know that not all orders are included and you can still get some for free, but not all of them. So the difference of monthly payments that are already made to amazon for love film plus prime is about £7 so in certain terms it makes sense to go fort he prime. However the opportunity to be able to cancel when ever you want is lost, they have you hooked for a year. The other thing is that the quality of love film is not up to the standards of Netflix however it does have on different titles. The disappointment is that if there is a new release film on it normal means its crap!

Also when i first joined love film it was £4.99 a month, which for the quality i did not mind paying however with price increases and amazon making more dictations about everything; are they trying to hard to gain more money, to the detriment of the company?