Take me back to Sunday

This Sunday me and my boyfriend went to my grandmas for Sunday lunch. I only go once in a while as I get a mound of food, which makes you so full you loose most of Sunday because you don’t want to move! That said it makes it more special, like a treat once every few months- this one was great! We had lamb that literally melted in your mouth with veg and Yorkshire puddings ( I snook a third one later!) for pudding after we had macaroni pudding! It was all so good! I’d like to go back in time and to not be on my dinner at work with my salad!


Life Means Life

Today it has been ruled that in “heinous” cases life will mean life. 

I personally agree that this is the right decision. The argument put forward by the European Court Of Human Rights, was that to imprison someone for life was against human rights; but what about the rights of the people who were murdered? I do not believe that the inmates should have ever gained the chance to be able to declare it was against their “human rights”.

Life in prison is no longer the hard time of what it once was and the inmates are well looked after. This respects their human rights, as they are not left to just rot in prison with nothing. 

When I worked in a local shop I had a customer in once describing how he was going away for a couple of years; but he saw it as a holiday. He had free rent for a year, free food, free gym membership, free learning (if he wanted), xbox, tv and time out in the yard. He said all he lacked was his freedom, but after a couple of years he’d have that back and it wasn’t like he was going somewhere terrible.

Something needs to be done about this. 

Even when life means life, there is still the luxuries in prison that don’t make prison the same punishment it once once. This is why we get so many repeat offenders. 

Anyone else have any thoughts on the ruling? or life in a modern prison?



So it’s been nearly 3 weeks since I got back from holiday, I can’t believe it already!
Came back to a terrible time, my great uncle had died and since my parents were also away I had family staying and had to sort everything out for them! Then after that my hours have changed at work and I no longer have permanent hours so I need a new job!
Any way to get back to my holiday the food was amazing, as you can see by my picture, this was an evening of tapas that was thoroughly fantastic!