Life Means Life

Today it has been ruled that in “heinous” cases life will mean life. 

I personally agree that this is the right decision. The argument put forward by the European Court Of Human Rights, was that to imprison someone for life was against human rights; but what about the rights of the people who were murdered? I do not believe that the inmates should have ever gained the chance to be able to declare it was against their “human rights”.

Life in prison is no longer the hard time of what it once was and the inmates are well looked after. This respects their human rights, as they are not left to just rot in prison with nothing. 

When I worked in a local shop I had a customer in once describing how he was going away for a couple of years; but he saw it as a holiday. He had free rent for a year, free food, free gym membership, free learning (if he wanted), xbox, tv and time out in the yard. He said all he lacked was his freedom, but after a couple of years he’d have that back and it wasn’t like he was going somewhere terrible.

Something needs to be done about this. 

Even when life means life, there is still the luxuries in prison that don’t make prison the same punishment it once once. This is why we get so many repeat offenders. 

Anyone else have any thoughts on the ruling? or life in a modern prison?


Daily routine, never changing mon- fri! HELP

Wake up at 7 

Work at 8


Finish around 4.30

Gym..45 mins mega sessions, making 500 cals per time now!



Tv normally greys anatomy or hart of dixie atm!


I want to go back to school, things were so much easier and my days never seemed so long.

I always wanted full time work after uni, now i’m there i’d happily go back!


“A bear, howeve…

“A bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise.”
― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

This is so true, so I have dusted off my gym card and today I start my exercise challenge…Well i need to set a goal line first…also I really need to know how to properly use weights because I watch someone (slyly while I am on the cross-trainer) and feel like the next Arnie however I am sure I’m not really doing anything!