So last week I was doing the usual search that starts for me at this time of year; where are we going to go on holiday? 

After having a little look about I got an idea, and now I cannot wait, we have yet to book it but the decision on where me and my boyfriend are going has been made.

We are going to Cape Cod in the first week of November ( and a sunny get away in July somewhere European!) 

I cannot wait to see New England, we are planning a trip out to Boston and Providence. I hope its nice at the cod at that time! I love the idea of staying somewhere to pretty and enriched with history!

I hope that the fall colours are still there! it looks so beautiful!




So it’s been nearly 3 weeks since I got back from holiday, I can’t believe it already!
Came back to a terrible time, my great uncle had died and since my parents were also away I had family staying and had to sort everything out for them! Then after that my hours have changed at work and I no longer have permanent hours so I need a new job!
Any way to get back to my holiday the food was amazing, as you can see by my picture, this was an evening of tapas that was thoroughly fantastic!


So, today I go on holiday to Tenerife, this is the first holiday for me and my boyfriend. We have been dating for two and a half years so it’s quiet a long time to go with out a holiday just the two of us! 

Here’s to hoping we can make it!

See you in a week